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5 tips for making the perfect GUACAMOLE that goes further

Guacamole is the best to add to salads or any Mexican inspired dish. BUT sadly the original recipe doesn't last more than a day. Here are my 5 tips for making it last + creating the perfect guac that treats your tummy right!

1. Bulk up your guac

Try using iceberg lettuce chopped really fine! This bulks up the whole guac, adding freshness, a gorgeous green glow and it goes further


2. red onion for taste & looks

Always use red onion, as it's a little sweeter raw, and look so much prettier! Make sure you chop it super fine, so it's not overpowering


3. Adding a twist: kimchi

Adding in extra spice like kimchi, not only helps make this recipe way more gut-friendly, it also helps to promote your metabolism. Win-win!

4. Ditch the tomato

I add a bunch of fresh coriander to my guac, rather than tomatoes, as it lasts longer without tomato and the fresh herbs add so much flavour.

5. How much avocado is enough avocado?

As long as it's ripe, you will only need a little. In general, use just enough to make it creamy and flavourful.


If you want to perfect more dips, sauces and dressings -- have a look at the recipe bundle ;)

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