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Specialist Catering

Vegan-Wise Catering: Your Premier Plant-Based Culinary Experience!
Looking for a gourmet vegan chef that aligns with your dietary needs and ethical choices?
At Vegan-Wise, we specialise in creating delicious, local and seasonal dishes that aren't just
vegan — they're crafted with a deeper understanding of nutrition

Event Catering

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, Vegan-Wise is equipped to deliver exceptional culinary delights. Celebrate with dishes that resonate with nature's rhythm, guaranteeing fresh, seasonal, and irresistibly delicious vegan meals.


Retreat Catering

Elevate your retreat experience with Vegan-Wise catering. Specialising in nourishing menus for yoga, surf, nature, and foraging retreats, we understand the unique dietary needs to keep participants energised, satiated, and in tune with their surroundings. With a deep respect for nature and a passion for whole foods, our dishes not only complement your retreat's essence but also enhance the overall immersive experience.


Private Catering

Host a memorable evening with a private chef experience that will leave your guests raving. Our dishes are not only tantalising but also gut-friendly and gluten-free. Trust Vegan-Wise to provide a sumptuous meal tailored to every preference.


Why Choose Vegan-Wise?

🍃 Bespoke Plant-Based Cuisine: Customised to your preferences, our plant-based offerings are designed to delight and satisfy all tastes.
​🍃 Local & Sustainable: Our commitment to local sourcing ensures every dish features the freshest, most sustainable ingredients, capturing the essence of the season.

🍃 Allergen-Friendly: Tailored to meet diverse dietary needs, our menus are crafted with care to be inclusive and safe for everyone.

🍃 Delicious & Colourful: We prioritise not just taste but also the visual appeal, creating colourful, appetising dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

🍃 Innovative & Exciting: Pushing culinary boundaries, our creations are both innovative and exciting, ensuring a unique dining experience.

🍃 Gluten-Free Specialists: If you require it we have a special focus on gluten-free cooking, which ensures that those with gluten sensitivities can indulge without worry.

Elevate Your Next Event with Vegan-Wise Catering!
When it's more than just a meal, when it's an experience—choose Vegan Wise.

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