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Vegan Cooking Classes

Online and in the UK

Explore the rich tapestry of plant-based cooking with Vegan-Wise's comprehensive cooking classes. From personalised one-on-one sessions to interactive online courses and engaging group workshops, we cater to all levels of culinary curiosity. Begin your journey with the essentials of vegan cuisine, delve into the art of fermenting and pickling, or draw inspiration from the seasons. Our classes also embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, offering a holistic approach to cooking. Whether from the comfort of your home, online, or at one of our select venues, Vegan-Wise invites you to master the art and science of vegan cooking.

Popular Classes

Vegan for Beginners

  • Basics of Vegan Nutrition

  • Easy Vegan Swaps

  • Simple and Delicious Recipes

  • Shopping and Meal Planning

Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking

  • Principles of Ayurveda

  • Seasonal Specific Cooking

  • Healing Spices and Herbs

  • Mindful Cooking and Eating


Fermentation and Pickling

  • Fermentation Fundamentals

  • The Art of Pickling

  • Seasonal Produce Preservation

  • Innovative Vegan Condiments

Vegan Gluten-Free Cooking

  • Understanding Gluten-Free Flours

  • Adapting Everyday Recipes

  • Naturally Gluten-Free Ingredients

  • Baking and Desserts


Vegan Desserts

  • Understanding The Foundations

  • Alternative Ingredients Guide

  • Creating Decadent Creations

  • Healthy Sweet

Vegan Cheese Making

  • The Foundation of Cheese Alternatives

  • Nut-Based and No Nut Cheeses

  • Fermented and Aged 

  • Meltable and Grateble Cheeses. 

Choose From...


Our one-on-one class option offers personalized, tailored lessons to meet your unique culinary goals. Available both online and in-person in your own kitchen, these custom sessions are designed to focus solely on your individual needs, ensuring you receive undivided attention and guidance to elevate your cooking skills.



Our group classes, ideal for parties or day retreats, provide a communal cooking experience that's both fun and educational. Hosted at your kitchen or online, you can select from our range of popular classes, creating a memorable event that combines the joy of learning with the pleasure of sharing delicious meals.


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