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My top 5 tips on how to start a plant-based diet!

If you have been wanting to start a plant based diet, you have come to the perfect place! Firstly, don’t worry about buying loads of new foods in one go or making a change overnight. Focus on expanding your knowledge and getting confident learning how to play with food. Next are the top five tips that I give to anyone wanting to go plant based.


1. Get comfortable with the concept of whole foods.

Don’t get fooled by the processed vegan foods that are on offer. They are there for a treat every once in a while, but don’t see them as an alternative for a switch to plant based foods. Get comfortable with cooking from scratch. Whole foods are extremely easy to get creative with, especially when you’re experimenting with new flavours and new textures.


2. Recreate your favourite recipes.

To feel comfortable playing with food in the kitchen, start by recreating and transforming recipes into a plant based version. Come up with your own fun solutions to replace meat from recipes you have previously tried, like childhood favourites.

For example, try beef wellington using marinated beetroot instead of beef. If you're not sure how to do that, there’s lots of info on the internet on how to marinate beetroot or pop me a message ;)

All in all, learn to play and don’t be scared to fuck up! cooking is about experimenting, things won’t be perfect in the beginning! even professionals chefs make mistakes.


3. Learn about spices.

This is a key component to making good food for yourself at home. You can harness a lot of health benefits from learning about the medicinal purposes of herbs & spices.

When going plant based your focus should be on your body’s & the planet's health. Try paying attention to how your body responds to certain digestive herbs and spices. This will unlock your ability to understand what works for you.


4. We stan a plan.

When you go out to eat, be prepared and plan beforehand so you don’t get stressed out. Make sure you go to a restaurant that actually has a plant based option. This is important so you can stick with your decision and not be tempted to fall into old habits, because your plant based diet feels like a punishment.


5. Find your happy dish!

Find and perfect a recipe or dish that makes you really happy, even happier than a non-plant based dish would. Just something to make you smile on a rainy day and feel nice and full.

In conclusion, a plant based diet should be a decision that makes you happy and excited about food and life!


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