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Juicing/Juice Detoxing: healthy or not?

I get asked alot about what I think about juicing, and juice detoxes! 

Now, I don't believe in shaming anyone's journey, or food choices...but I do strongly recommend finding someone who is a qualified nutritionist, or practitioner of your chosen wellness path who gives you correct, informed advice on detoxing, fasting, or evening dieting. ⁠This is definitely easier said than done, because there are so many people out there who have conflicting sometimes dangerous advice that they stand 100% behind. 

The truth about diets and juices

I feel like my journey through mistake after mistake, qualifies me to talk about this....and hopefully warn you about the dangers of trying to fasttrack your body into losing weight of detoxing.

Your body is an amazing, subtle thing....starving it, or shocking it through extreme anything will only end in more damage.⁠ I have spent the last 15 years probably doing this and then trying to recover from it! In my early teens I was always looking for the next fad diet or detox. I tried them all. And as a result, just like my mother warned me, I am paying the price. I have severe metabolic damage, and my hormones are all over the place! I truly screwed my already quite sensitive system up. Sure it might feel good to just drink juice for 10 days...or detox all the bad stuff fast and hard...but your body needs time to adjust. ⁠I gave my body no permission to find its own rhythm, I simply jumped on the bandwagon, just drank the juice and got frustrated with the inevitable fickle results. I sent my body into so many shocked fasts, or detoxes, that it started holding on to everything. Fat, Toxins, Inflammation....Everything! 

I have slowly had to undo this mess, through gentle, persistent work, and loving kindness in my actions and stance on 'health'. ⁠As a result I have come to understand why people might be tempted or prepare to try everything. I was! But I also have some sense of how to undo the mess! I am constantly striving for a mental space that allows me to make loving choices for the betterment of my whole health…..not just my shrinking waistline.

You Are Enough!

I’m the first to admit that I have a seriously warped view of what I look like! I see only the fat, the cellulite, the jiggle, the imperfections….I rarely see what people compliment me on...I feel like hiding when someone says something nice about the way I look, but I also crave the “oh your have lost so much weight” remarks. I remember having lost about 3-4 stone in a short space of time (anxiety mixed with a shit relationship, mix with over exercising) received me loads of comments…..I remember feeling so scared because I wanted them...but knew it was only achieved through really hiring myself! I relised then that chasing the skiny approval that had been my whole life, the whole motivation to do stupid diets, to excercise like a lunatic, to drinking a terrifying amount of caffeine or just drinking fruit and veg juice….I could see FINALLY how unhealthy and abusive this was. Of course it didn't just go away, but whenever I start feeling that familia pull to restrict my food, or start a absurd spinning schedule….I remember those skinny compliments and how I felt receiving them. I remember seeing all my hair fall out in the shower….I remember seeing my tongue covered in ulsters….I remember how BAD skinny actually felt! 

I am trying to be ok with me, the way I am. That simple “you are enough” mantra being repeated as much as possible! 

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