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What are the top benefits of a plant-based diet for your body, mind & the planet?

It’s worth saying that everyone has a different reason to choose plant based and that all of them are perfectly acceptable. You might be interested in the ethics and treatment of animals, or in the environmental impact of eating animal products. The benefits I listed below are my holistic reasons for choosing a plant-based diet. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my mental health, physical health and in the awareness, I have for the environment around me.



The benefits of eating a whole-food, plant based diet range from having more energy, obtaining optimal weight, having better sleep, to having a better mood in general. The main reason that that occurs is that our systems are designed to eat simple whole foods that we can find seasonally and locally.

Processed foods generally have a lot of inflammatory qualities, as does dairy, sugar and meat. Eradicating those groups from your diet, even just 3 times a week for a full day, will vastly improve the way you digest food. Furthermore, it will have a knock-on effect on your general well-being.


Eating a plant-based diet, means you give up foods that aggravate your guts. Recent science has proven that if your gut is irritated and inflamed, the chemicals released have a massive impact on our mental health.

We know that we have many strains on our stress levels in our modern society that impact the way we digest food. Taking control of your food to combat stress is quite a simple solution to a chronic global problem. Studies have now shown that anxiety and depression have massive ties with poor gut health. (insert study

Traditionally meat and dairy farming is known to involve a lot of antibiotics, steroids and hormones, which we absorb when eating that food. By eliminating foods like this we effectively rid ourselves of an over-toxic diet. This gives us a better chance of obtaining a healthy body and mind.


Eating a diet based on whole foods that are locally sourced and seasonally harvested won’t only benefit your health, but that of the planet as well.

Considering foods are being shipped around the world, polluting our planet and our environment, just for having the luxury of eating a mango at Christmas. Not to say you can’t spoil yourself with exotic fruit, only that the cost might be higher than initially thought. Especially while there are amazing local and seasonal options as well ;)



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