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Putting the vegan in vegan-wise!

Vegan Wise is an extension of who I try to be.  I am a 28 year old half British, half South African feminist who believes in the notion of do to others as you would like to be done to you.... without expectations...or at least that's that's the attempt!

What is Veganism?

For me, veganism is a spectrum that belongs to everyone...which breaks down to the full expression or the choice to try one vegan meal a day or one vegan month a year.

There is room for everyone! This is hopefully a refreshing new take on the unfortunate stereotype that all vegans do is try to convert you.

Veganism is also about non-violence, and so helping people learn about it shouldn't be filled with violent opinions and aggression.

With all this in mind I have been journeying through veganism for the past 8 years now, and have got to a place where I am extending my practice to understanding the environmental impact of everything I do. 

Conscious shopping

For me, looking at all the different ways in which my money is used to affect and influence what is available for society, I decided to try expanding my conscious spending. This means, I have already stopped paying for the imprisonment and exploitation of animals, which makes me a classic vegan….But to take it further I stop buying new where I can! There is already so much good stuff that is already available and in great condition for use. Spending money on new stuff feels as unnecessary as paying for animal products to me now, but this clearly didn't happen overnight, it took 7-8 years. I am becoming more aware of what feels wrong to me, and what feels right. And while my personal philosophy is truly rooted in us (humas) not actually knowing anything, I do believe we can make decisions that feel right. 

More than just vegan cooking

Over the past 8 years my recipes and style of cooking has dramatically changed. Firstly giving up dairy, then going raw, then back to cooked, then half raw half cooked, then all alkaline, then only unprocessed….and so on…..but the progression of all these food trends has always led me to understand the journey of my food. Where it came from. How it got to me. And who was involved in that! These questions have opened my eyes in the last year to why shopping local, seasonal and from farmers you trust is so important. Why? I started waking up to the environmental and physical cost of eating a predominantly imported diet.

Spend a moment to research what goes into moving food around the globe, and decide how you feel about it! 

For me, learning to live and thrive on food produced close to home has changed my definition of veganism forever. I’m not perfect at it, I am still learning, and working through the triggers of just wanting that coconut cream in everything I make….But I’m on a journey and Vegan-Wise is my expression of that journey.  . So in summary...hahaha because hopefully I've made some sense... I would like this page to be a place where people come and learn about plant based foods, ethical and environmental living and some fun stories about my day to day... Showcasing a fun and doable vegan lifestyle ;)

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