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Get involved in VEGANUARY with Vegan-Wise

I should start off by saying that while I love the idea of Veganuary....I have never actually paid it much attention! I seem to let it pass me by, and miss all the good things that seem to circulate during this month.

This year I decided to engage a little more, and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same. Weather you are already fully vegan, or maybe you have just toyed with the idea a little, January is a great time to give your system a well deserved slice of nourishment....and what better way to do that then through some plant based goodness.

January is typically a hard month for most people who live through winter in January.... Its a cold, dark month of going back to work....or not in the case of Covid 20201. This month already seems to be looming....filled with lots of uncertainty, so lets find some light and spread some love. Cheesy as that may sound, its the easiest way to find joy again.

So this month I will be sharing some of my favourite Veganuary posts, recipes, inspiration and well lets face it will find those on my Instagram stories.

Here are a few reasons why its good to get involved in this epic movement!

taken from

I have spent a little time on their website and there are so many amazing resources there for anyone feeling like they need inspiration or guidance.

Who is thinking of giving it a go this year?

It's worth noting that however you decided to get involved, even if that is you just having one plant based meal a day, that is valid. This movement for me is about spreading the meaning of veganism through the most compassionate, inclusive ways.

Here are a few things to get excited about this January......

taken from one of my fave pages

Go sign up for their newsletter....its great!!!

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