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1 - 1 consulting:
tailored vegan meal plans, cooking classes and more

Embarking on a Vegan or Plant-Based journey or maybe you just need some inspiration in the kitchen?

🌱Uncertain about transitioning from traditional to plant-based diets?

🌱Struggling to shift old eating habits?

🌱Keen on embracing seasonal and nutrient-rich choices?

Vegan-Wise offers personalised solutions to match your aspirations and budget. Dive into specialised vegan cooking classes, curated plant-based meal plans, and gain invaluable insights to transform your culinary lifestyle. Make the change today with Vegan-Wise's expert guidance!

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In your 15-minute free call, I will find out from you what your goals are, why you want help and what you have already tried.


After two days you will receive a proposal, in which I outline what I recommend we do together and go over a cost breakdown.

Typically I will create a rough meal plan guide for you. We will decide which recipes we make during scheduled cooking classes and which ones are easy enough for you to do yourself.



At this point, we will start your personalized classes and plans.


 You will have scheduled calls to check in on progress & questions, but you will also be able to message me in between.

The plans and classes are not limited to meal plans and cooking. Topics we can touch on include sustainable shopping, understanding ingredients, local shopping, and more.

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