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5 Things that lead to an Unhealthy Gut and 5 Ways to Improve Gut Health!

1. How can I improve gut health?

This is probably one of my all-time favorite questions because there is so much we can do! Here are my top 5 tips.

  1. eat at least 30 different varieties of veg and fruit each week

  2. start introducing fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi into your daily diet (best to ferment your own at home)

  3. filter your drinking water

  4. buy veg that is local, seasonal, and not covered in harmful pesticides (we need the bugs for healthy diversity)

  5. stop using cleaning products that kill everything; we need bacteria; being too sterile is counterintuitive to actually being healthy.

2. What food is good for my guts and digestion?

Again there are so many amazing superfoods out there, but I'll always come back to seasonal, local veg that is grown most naturally. If you can shop at local farm shops,,, you will be automatically getting the best selection of what your body wants right then.

Aside from that, I would always recommend eating fermented foods that you make yourself. When you make your own ferments at home, the bacteria that are already compatible and matched to you are added to the ferment.

I also recommend the use of herbs and spices when cooking. Each herb and spice has a wide variety of benefits to our health, especially our digestive system. So without breaking down each one, (that can be done in a separate post), I recommend getting as many different herbs and spices in the mix as possible.

3. What hurts my gut health?

When it comes to things that can negatively affect your gut health,,, the list is quite long. I always tell my clients that it's about knowing the different "triggers" and then learning how to manage them as best you can. These are my top 5 possible negative contributors to poor gut health.

  1. STRESS, while it's way easier said than done, managing stress is the best way you can ensure your guts can do their job effectively.

  2. SLEEP, not getting enough sleep can truly mess us multiple systems in our body,,, from hormone production to energy levels. Managing your sleep and prioritizing it as a serious health goal can be a game-changer.

  3. MEDICATION, it's hard ever to say that medication should be avoided because there are many reasons people might need it, but trying to move to plant, herbal and natural medicines will have far less impact on your gut health overall.

  4. DIET, eating processed food filled with chemicles, presevatives and stabalisers has been proven to do a lot of damage to the health and diversity of our guts. Choosing whole foods will gives our body something recognisable to work with. Simply reducing or avoiding processed sugar, processed food, gluten and dairy can vastly reduce inflammation, which will make way for better absorbsion and overall health

  5. ENVIROMENT, your surroundings play a massive part in your gut health. Obviously living in big polluted cities makes it hard to get the right stuff in your lungs, but it doesn't have to be so all or nothing. Finding ways of going into nature will have a massive impact on your health.

Everything listed above is my ongoing exploration of gut health. I am sharing this learning process, even though its not perfect or complete, because I want you to feel empowered and inspired to start or conitue exploring for yourself. You don't have to know everything, you just need to listen to your body, and stay open to the ways you can educate yourself.


If you need more guidance -- I have created a recipe pack filled with gut-healing recipes that I have developed to give you confidence in your own kitchen. Follow this link to find out more or click on the image below:

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