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Where Local Produce meets Bespoke Catering

At Vegan-Wise we believe in incredible flavour, colour, and creativity. We create meals and menus that will capture the soul of your event, leaving you and your guests fully satisfied and inspired.

With a focus on plant-based, local and seasonal whole-foods made fresh.

We pride ourself in being allergen friendly, specialising in crafting menus that caterer to the dietary preferences of our customers.

Experts in gluten-free, sugar free, nut-free and making everything from scratch.

We also offer: Specialised recipe/ menu development and design. restaurant and cafe consultancy, group and one on one cooking classes.

Our Services



Bespoke vegan catering for private functions, retreats or individuals.



We transform or launch eate-ries by elevating their vegan offerings, designing menus, hiring and training staff, and by creating sustainable systems that reduce waste and maxi-mise profit. 


Recipe Development

Specialised plant-based recipe, menu and meal -plan development. 


Cooking Classes

We offer a variety of vegan cooking classes, designed to inspire cooking at home. From groups, to one-on-ones to online tutorials you are guaranteed to find a class for you.

Nikita Leys poses with a pineapple in hand on the Swell Yoga and Vegan Nutrition retreat

Nikita Leys
your vegan chef

Nikita is the ideal chef for any client, boasting years of experience in diverse kitchens. Her expertise in crafting accessible menus and passion for local, seasonal, and whole foods make her stand out. While her Ayurvedic nutrition background subtly influences her work, her focus is on innovative, beautifully presented dishes that are delicious and support both the planet and gut health. Vegan-Wise, under her guidance, offers more than food; it's a commitment to sustainability, health, and culinary excellence. Nikita's approach ensures every dish is a testament to her belief in the power of sustainable, nourishing cuisine.

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