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Vegan & Plant-based cooking, nutrition and lifestyle

Vegan-Wise focuses on plant-based, whole food made fresh, body positivity and gut health. Nutrition that makes you feel more energized, less bloated and is suited to your body type.


A doable and affordable take on veganism for businesses and individuals.

Decorative golden feather leaf
Decorative golden feather leaf
Nikita Leys poses with a pineapple in hand on the Swell Yoga and Vegan Nutrition retreat

Nikita Leys
your vegan chef

Being healthy starts from a place of self-love. That's why I believe in the power of an inclusive community, sharing experiences & knowledge to truly help and inspire each other.

The recipes and cooking style is focused on gut health, anti-inflammatory foods, & plant-based, whole foods made fresh.

Drawn from holistic nutrition- Ayurveda, naturopath, macrobiotics and herbal medicine & with a focus on seasonal and local produce.​


What do I offer?


Are you looking for a personalized plan? Then this is the one for you!

We can combine plant-based cooking courses, gut-healing programs & more.


Join one of the vegan and plant-based nutrition classes and retreats.

Both online & in the UK!


Are you looking for delicious, wholesome plant-based recipes?

Subscribe to the archive full

of vegan cooking delights!


Bespoke vegan catering

for private functions & retreats. 


Are you starting a new business

or wanting to expand with a vegan menu?

It's important to say that healthy doesn't refer to a diet solely focused on losing weight
➡️ Healthy nutrition is a balance of fresh foods that result in you having more energy - less bloating - good digestion - good appetite and suited to your body type.

If you want to learn about spices, textures, cooking techniques, nutritional values, seasonality or simply want to make delicious vegan food you came to the right place!!

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